Management Services


Top Property Shop does more than just provide quality residential property management, we strive to maximize your investment’s income producing-potential. As an Owner, ALL your communications, email or phone call will be returned within 24 hours. To help with on time rent payment, we make online rent payments available to your resident so they can pay their rent online, and also with this service a rent payment reminder goes out a couple days a head of time. Your satisfaction in our property management services are very important to us, so we make sure they are held at a very high standard.


Direct Deposit of Your Funds: Top Property Shop will electronically transfer your funds directly into your bank account so that you have your money even sooner. In addition, your reports are emailed to you. Sometimes weekends and holidays interfere, nevertheless you will have your funds and monthly report by the 15th of the month at the latest. For those who wish a check to be mailed along with a report, must let us know upfront.


At the end of the year you will receive a summary of your properties performance for the past year. We also provide 1099 forms for tax purposes. While some property management companies charge an extra fee for these services, this is included at no extra charge.


Top Property Shop Property Management We have a very aggressive marketing strategy, that ensures we find a good resident for your property.


Internet Advertising: We first do a market analysis of your property to determine the appropriate rent, then we saturate the internet using a service that syndicates your property out to over 500 websites. We can also put your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which makes it available to thousands of Realtors to show. We will also put your property here on Top Property Shop’s website, and we also provide signage at the property. We don’t expect you to understand ALL this marketing gibberish, we just want you to be rest assured that the right resident will be able to find your property online, since statistics show that 90% of people go to the internet to find their next place to live.


Okay now that we found just the right resident, its very important to do a careful background check and follow up on the information provided in the resident’s application. We will never place a tenant in your property without your written approval. Top Property Shop’s first and foremost job is find just the right resident for your property, or second “but very important job” is to managing your new resident.


Maintenance: Handling the maintenance on your property, is taken very serious at Top Property Shop. This is just one way we maximize Your investment’s income producing-potential. We will do 3 inspections in a 12 month period, move in, 6 month and at the 11th month, then of course a move out inspection, to insure it is properly maintained. Again… no extra charge. It is important from a risk management standpoint to make sure that any factors that effect the health and safety of your resident are controlled as much as possible. Top Property Shop’s Property Inspection Service check for a number of items on our special inspections.


  1. Are smoke detectors installed and working
  2. Are there any broken or cracked windows
  3. If the property has a pool, are ALL pool laws being followed
  4. Is the furnace filter being changed
  5. Is the hot water heater properly working
  6. Are there any trip hazards that need to be taking care of
  7. Are ground fault interrupter outlets working properly
  8. Are there any visual evidence of mold present under sinks or in moist areas
  9. up to 60 more items will be checked on inspection depending on each property’s needs


It is important to know about the condition of your property. Things do wear out and it is important to address them in a timely manner so they do not cost you more in additional maintenance. Being aware of the overall condition of your property is an important aspect of property management. If you would like a professional inspection on your property we would be glad to coordinate with a professional inspection company, (at owners expense).

All up to date information about your home will be available to you on the Owner Portal. There won’t be any need to contact us to find out about how the inspection went because you will have your own log-in so you can view the photos and inspection report 24/7/365.


Some times our owners like to do upgrades or improvements to their homes between resident’s. This allows them to command a higher rent and usually makes getting it rented, easier. We provide services to assist with this, please ask your personal property manager about this service.


For any other questions or concerns please contact us.